What does Best Health Care Services, LLC do?
Best Health Care Services, LLC provides home health care services to clients in Burke, Virginia and its surrounding locations. Services we offer include skilled nursing, therapy services, home health aide services, and medical social work.
What’s our Mission?
We are committed to restoring your health and quality of life at home by providing skilled nursing services, therapy services, personal care, and medical social services.
How can I schedule a home health needs assessment?
You can send a request by filling out our Appointment Form online.
Do I need a recommendation from my doctor?
Not necessarily. If your doctor already gave you a recommendation for home health care, it will speed up the arrangement of your care plan. However, we still accept clients who have no recommendation from their physicians yet. We will still assess your home health care needs and will even coordinate with your doctor during the development of your care plan.
How soon can I get home health care for myself or a family member?
We normally respond to home health care requests in 24 to 48 hours. If you want to receive an immediate response from our staff, please call 703-440-1131.