Helping Seniors Cope Up with Pain

Helping Seniors Cope Up with Pain

We cannot help but feel the pain our loved ones are having. We wish we could alleviate their suffering. While it is impossible to transfer their pain, we have home health care services in Burke, Virginia, that can help manage their condition.

Pain management is included in our skilled nursing program. While your senior loved one is at home, our skilled nurses will come by and provide needed medical procedures at the comfort of your space.

Before giving your loved ones pain relief, it is important to understand the reason for pain. Pain can be a symptom of a current medical condition or an undiscovered one. Your family doctor may have explained if your senior’s condition would include pain. If there is no known condition, it may be time for a medical check-up for a better assessment.

Pain can also come from an injury, surgery, or any type of tissue damage. Such pain tends to go away after the injury heals. Massage, cold or warm compresses, acupuncture, or yoga are alternatives to pain management without invasive procedures.

If you need non-medical care, we also offer home care services in Virginia.

Best Health Care Services, LLC provides the best support you need at home. When you need a home health aide, sign up for our service!

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